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City of York



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Steps for Food Truck Approval


The process for operating a food truck depends on the location of the food truck in York. The instructions below contain links to the forms that you will need for any York location. 

In City Parks:

Food trucks wishing to locate in city parks or streets adjacent to city parks, use the York Parks and Recreation food truck form.


Holthus Convention Center:

Food trucks wishing to locate in the Holthus Convention Center or the Holthus Convention Center parking lots, contact the Holthus Convention Center Director.


Anywhere else in York:

1. All other food truck vendors apply for a solicitor’s permit with the city.


2. All food trucks selling prepared food should apply to the Nebraska Department of Agriculture for a license and the Nebraska Department of Revenue for a sales tax permit.

Sale of produce without preparation does not require a license nor a sales tax permit. Shelf-stable foods can be sold in Nebraska without sales tax and without a food preparation license through the Cottage Foods process.


On a City Street or City Parking Lot:

Any food truck wishing to park on a city street or parking lot (other than at Holthus Convention Center or in a city park) must apply for a right of way permit for permission to remain in the public space more than two hours.


Private Parking Lots:

If you wish to locate in a private parking lot, be sure to get permission from the owner.