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City of York

Building & Zoning


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Building permit fees are based on the value of the project as determined during the application procedure. The value of new construction is computed using the Building Valuation Data chart that represents average valuation for buildings in our area. This figure includes all building materials and labor.


Project Cost Permit Fee
First $2000 Value $25.00
Each Additional $1000 or part thereof $3.00


Electrical permit fee is $15.00 for issuance of permit plus inspection fees. Mechanical and Plumbing permit fees are $10.00 for issuance of permit plus inspection fees (minimum $10.00). These permits are billed upon final inspection of project.

Other Fees

Landscape Permit - $25
Street Opening/Curb Cut Permit - $25
Sign Permit - $25 per sign
Demolition Permit - $25
Floodplain Development Permit - $25


Diggers Hotline of Nebraska -- Dial 811


It is the law in Nebraska that prior to any digging, the site shall be cleared by Diggers Hotline. Call 811 and be prepared to provide your name, the location of the job, contractor doing the work, type of work, and start date. All utilities will be notified to locate any possible obstacles to your digging and flag the underground locations.

If you see little flags in the right-of-way, it means that underground utilities have been located.

Red Electric
Yellow Gas
Orange Communication
Blue Water
Green Sewer
Pink Property Line
White Proposed Excavation