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York, NE  This summer road work begins in earnest on projects that have been on the city’s future plans for reconstruction for years. Construction crews have already been working to pre-cut sections on Platte Avenue.  The city took advantage of favorable interest rates in 2021-22 to set up the city to tackle in one year what would otherwise have been multiple years’ worth of repair. Mayor Barry Redfern explained, “Bundling the projects allowed us to get high quality competitive bids for the project and it allows the city to upgrade a set of major streets all in one year.”

There is no getting around the fact that major road reconstruction creates disruption. Bundling the projects means that the disruption also gets bundled this year. On the one hand, that means that many residents and businesses will be impacted this year. On the other hand, it also means that major disruptions for everyone driving around the city get pushed into a few months instead of multiple years.

Street closures in each area last approximately three-weeks. During this time, the roads in each area will be completely closed to traffic.  Residents will need to park outside of the construction areas and walk to their homes.  Mailboxes will be temporarily removed from the public right of way during construction.  Cluster-type mailboxes will be made available in the areas of construction and then mailboxes will be relocated to original locations after construction is completed in each area. 

City of York staff have been going door to door to inform residents and businesses prior to road work beginning in their areas.  The table below provides approximate dates for the start of closures for each street construction area.

Scheduled work hours and dates of construction are subject to change and working hours may be outside of normal hours of the day, due to weather conditions. Changes and updates will be posted on the front page of the city website (www.cityofyork.net) and on the city’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/CityofYorkNE). Residents can also sign up for text updates or app notification updates on the city website.

Click here >>>Construction Area Map


Start of Closure

South Lincoln Ave to South Platte Avenue


South Platte Ave from Elm Street to West 3rd Avenue


East 14th Street from Nebraska Avenue to Blackburn Avenue


North Nebraska Avenue from 19th Street to A Street


North Blackburn Avenue from Duke Drive to 14th Street


North Blackburn Avenue from 3rd Street to 9th Street


East 6th Street from North Nebraska Avenue to North Burlington Avenue


East 6th Street from North Burlington Avenue to East Avenue


South Plate Avenue from 3rd Street to 4th Street


50th Street