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Common Utilities Service Terms & Questions

Water Information


Water usage:
If your water consumption makes a noticeable jump, it may be because you have a leak. The most common cause of leaks is toilets with sticking float valves or deteriorated flappers. A few drops of food coloring in the toilet tank that appears in the bowl after 15 minutes could mean that the float valve is not operating smoothly, or the flapper is not sealing tight.


Emergency service:
If you develop a water leak and need to have the water service turned off for repairs, call and ask for the Utility Office at 402-363-2600. After hours call the Police Department at 402-363-2640.


Service line responsibility:
The customer is responsible for the water service line starting at the water main in the public right-of-way. The customer owns and maintains the curb stop near the property line, the service line, and all property internal piping. The City owns and maintains the water meter located inside the structure (including the remote-read dial on the outside of the structure.)


Curb Stop:
This valve controls the water flow from the water main to your structure. It is the property owner's responsibility to keep the valve in operating condition at all times, by City Ordinance.


To shut off water:
Most customers have a water shutoff valve located inside the structure where the water service line enters the building and before the water meter. It is a good idea to know where your valve is in case of emergency. The main service valve is located near the property line. A special valve key is required to operate the main service valve without damaging it.


Water source:
The City of York water source is groundwater that is pumped from wells. The water is not treated and is pumped directly into the water distribution system. Water quality is monitored by weekly, monthly and annual tests for federal and state mandated contaminates.


Water hardness:
The water hardness varies with the season, but the average throughout the system is 12.7 grains per gallon.


Water discoloration, taste or smell:
If you detect an unusual color, taste or smell to your water, call the Utility Department at 402-363-2600. Typical reasons are fire hydrants being flushed, construction on the system, new home plumbing, water heater. Someone will be glad to assist you in determining the cause of the problem.


Wastewater Information


Sewer smell:
The most common reason for a sewer odor is a dry trap. Pour water down the drain of infrequently used sinks or floor drains. This will replenish the necessary water level in the trap, which prevents sewer smells from entering the building. If the problem persists, call the Utility Office at 402-363-2600 for assistance.


Broken or plugged sewer service line:
The City is responsible for the sewer collection system main line in the easement/right-of-way. The property owner is responsible for the service line from the structure to the main line. If you suspect that you have a problem with the sewer main, call the Utility Office at 402-363-2600 during regular business hours. Weekends, or after office hours, call the Police Department at 402-363-2640.


Septic tanks:
All properties within 300 feet of an established sewer main are prohibited from installing septic systems. If a sewer main is needed in your neighborhood, contact the Director of Public Works, 402-363-2600, to discuss the steps necessary to get the line installed. Septic system work requires a plumbing permit with all work being done by a State of Nebraska Certified Wastewater Treatment System Contractor.


Camper and boat dumping:
The York Wastewater Treatment Plant, 1102 Road O, accepts the following waste: residential septic tanks, camper waste, chemical toilets, and commercial interceptors (dirt accumulated in car washes.)


Wastewater dumping hours:
Waste will be accepted at the Wastewater Treatment Plant during regular working hours: Monday--Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Contact the Plant at 402-363-2680.


Groups are welcome to take scheduled tours of the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Schedule your tour by calling 402-363-2680.