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Building & Zoning


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Building permits are required for all new construction, structure remodeling, lot development, fire sprinkler systems, and signs. Painting, wallpapering, floor sanding, and carpeting do not need a permit.

Building permits are required within the city limits and the 2-Mile Zoning Jurisdiction of the City of York. This applies to trade permits also: electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning.

It is the responsibility of the property owner to have the necessary permits approved before work begins. When in doubt, call the Building and Zoning Department at 402-363-2600.

  • When applying for a building permit the following information must be provided:
  • Assigned street address of property. (New construction is assigned address upon approval of permit.)
  • Legal description of property.
  • Brief description of improvements and intended use.
  • Plot plan showing lot dimensions, measurements of construction in relation to property lines and existing buildings.
  • Complete building plan with footing, foundation, and structural wall section detail.
  • Floodplain Development Permit with site and building elevation survey, if the project is in the floodplain.
  • Driveway and sidewalk improvements.

Progress inspections are required during the project. Upon completion of final inspection, the Building Inspector will issue an Occupancy Certificate before the premises shall be lawfully occupied. Inspections require 24 hour notice.

  • Any time changes or improvements are being made to the plumbing, electrical or heating/cooling system, a permit is required. (Forms are available at the City Municipal Building.) The homeowner can do his own repair on the house he lives in, but must still have a permit before beginning. Contractors doing such work must be registered with the City of York. Call the Building and Zoning Department 363-2600 to request permit.
  • landscape permit is needed when planting in the public right-of-way--between the curb and property line. There are several potential problems that need to be addressed: visibility for traffic at intersections, suitability of species of trees for street plantings, interference with fire hydrants and underground utilities. For example, the visibility zone at intersecting streets is 70 feet in all directions along the centerline of streets.
  • Street opening/curb cut permit is needed when working in the public right-of-way. This would apply to driveway installation, modification or replacement; water or sewer main work, and all other underground utility installation.
  • Sign permit is needed before erecting a sign on any property. In some zones, signs are not allowed. When allowed, there are regulations as to height, placement, and type.
  • demolition permit is necessary when demolishing any structure. The applicant will need to know the legal description of the property, type of structure, plans for disconnection of utilities, and destination of debris from demolition.
  • An Application to Occupy Right of Way is needed when any work is proposed within the city street right of way (generally sidewalk to sidewalk), including all construction work being performed by private utility/communication companies, plumbers working on private service lines, temporary placement of a dumpster, crane, or tree trimming equipment in the street or any other similar situation.  This assures the work or activity is done safely and without public liability.  It also allows the city to require proper restoration of the public right of way.

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