Right-of-way Occupancy Info


Construction in Public Right-of-ways


Anyone other than duly authorized City employees performing work in public right-of-ways must apply for a permit prior to conducting any work on public property.  Obtaining a permit ensures that all work performed meets City of York Municipal Codes as well as State and Federal Standards and requirements. 

A Right-of_Way Occupancy permit must be obtained for each opening, cut, trench, or excavation in or under the surface of any street, alley, sidewalk, highway, or public property of the city.  This permit also applies to obstructions temporarily placed in right-of-ways, such as dumpsters or construction equipment and materials, or other street obstructions.  For street obstructions, proper usage of signs, lights, and barricades is required to be in accordance with current MUTCD standards.


  Permits may be obtained at the municipal offices building at 100 E 4th St., or by clicking this link.