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About This Location

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The City Auditorium was built in 1940 and throughout its history has housed an unbelievable amount of wide ranging activities from wedding dances, craft shows, graduation ceremonies for York High School and York College, wedding expos, band concerts, basketball tournaments, volleyball tournaments, soup suppers, home shows, birthday celebrations, funerals, conventions, car shows, farm shows, bridal and baby showers, informational meetings of all kinds, and yes, even as a disaster shelter.  There is not a week that goes by that we don't have multiple events scheduled.  No other building in the community has the seating capacity so it is very attractive to large gatherings.

The Auditorium features a large gymnasium that can be used for athletics or banquets.  The main floor can seat 475 people comfortably with a dance floor included.  The upstairs balcony has 952 chairs, and the bleachers on the main floor can seat about 550 people.  The downstairs USO room is a large room that can house approximately 200.  The North Dining Room is a smaller meeting room that seats about 75 people comfortably.  There is a kitchen on the main floor as well as a kitchen in the basement.  There are also men and women showers for the sporting events.  

The Children's Museum is also housed on the main floor of the Auditorium.  This impressive museum has four rooms with different themes for the toddlers to visit and play with hands-on items.  The Children's Museum is open every Tuesday and Saturday mornings and also can be reserved by appointment.  

Auditorium Open Recreation Facility Information

The Auditorium features:  6 basketball hoops (4 of which are adjustable from 6'6" to 10' hoops), 2 short court volleyball nets, 1 standard court volleyball net, 3 batting cages, 3 golf cages, 4 ping pong tables and 1 pool table!  The gym will be set up daily with the 4 adjustable hoops and 1 standard hoop, and 1 standard volleyball net in the main gym area.  In the basement there will be 3 batting cages, 3 golf cages, 4 ping pong tables and 1 pool table.  2 of the 3 batting cages will have pitching machines.  The pitching machines will pitch softballs or baseballs and will throw right & left hand fastballs, sliders and curve balls. 

Open Recreation Hours

Mondays - Fridays 5:00-8:00pm

Saturdays 10:00am-3:00pm

Sundays 1:00-5:00pm

Rentals get priority over open recreation hours.  Therefore, ares of the facility could be closed at certain times due to a rental, but don't worry, the space will open as soon as the rental is done!  Check the calendar, facebook, and signs will be posted at the Community Center and Auditorium about these times

Membership / Rental Information

Do you have a Community Center membership?  If so perfect, the Auditorium Open Rec facility is included in your Center membership!  Don't have a Center membership?  Don't worry, its $3/child and $5/adult per visit. You can also sign up for a Center membership. Click here to check out those rates, Community Center memberships include the Auditorium for Open Rec!

Want to reserve a space just for you, your family or your team?  Easy, with a small additional fee you can make sure you have the space you want, for the time you want, with the people you want!

Auditorium Rentals

Main Floor

Non-Revenue Producing Event                                                  $350
Revenue Producing Event                                                         $550
Non-Revenue Producing Event (With Alcohol)                             $600
Revenue Producing Event (With Alcohol)                                    $750
Set up/Tear down (day before/after)                                        $150

Refundable Damage Deposit (separate check)                            $200


Kitchen                                                                                   $150

North Dining Room

North Dining Room                                                                   $30/hour
Set up/Tear down (day before/after)                                         $50

Refundable Damage Deposit (separate check)                             $25

USO Room

USO Room                                                                                $250
USO Room (With Alcohol)                                                           $350
Set up/Tear down (day before/after)                                           $100

Refundable Damage Deposit (separate check)                              $100

Athletic Rentals


Full Court Practice (full gym, 6 baskets)                                     $10/30 minutes                      (2 hours max)       

½ Court Practice (half gym, 3 baskets)                                       $5/30 minutes                       (2 hours max)

Game  (full gym, balcony, scoreboard, PA system, set-up)             $60/game                             (3 hours max/game)

Tournament  (full gym, balcony, scoreboard, PA system, set-up)     $350                                                  

Concession Stands

Balcony                             $50                                                       

North Dining Room              $50                                                       

Batting/Golf Cage Rentals 

1 cage / 30 minutes             $10    (1 hour max per cage)

Open Rec Provided Equipment

10 Mens Basketballs        3 Batting Tees        Baseballs               10 Womens Basketballs       2 Pitching Machines       Softballs        10 Volleyballs          Pitching Machine Softballs          5 Baseball Bats   Pitching Machine Baseballs              7 Softball Bats              Practice Golf Balls