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Are the park shelters for rent?
The City will reserve a shelter for you free of cost.
Is Foster Park available for weddings?
Foster Park is a popular place for outdoor weddings.
Does my family pass mean that I can include my grandchildren?
Family passes are intended for the immediate family of no more than 2 adults and their dependent children living in the same household.
Can I buy a pass that is good for both the Family Aquatic Center and the Community Center?
I haven't yet decided whether I want to buy a membership at the Community Center. Do you have another option cheaper than a daily pass?
We sell non-refundable coupon books for both youth and adults.
Does York have a Dog Park and a Skate Park?
Yes, we have both of these attractions.
Does York have a disc golf course?
York's disc golf course is a 9 hole course located at Mincks Park at 2222 E. 14th Street.
Where can I get information on the activities that are offered or give suggestions on what I would like to have offered by the Parks and Recreation Department?
The headquarters for the Parks and Recreation Department is the York Community Center at 211 E. 7th Street.
Can you rent the Community Center or Family Aquatic Center for after hours parties?
Yes, contact the Community Center for more information on our rental policies.
How do I rent the City Auditorium for a wedding dance?
Just give us a call at the Community Center at 402-363-2630 and we will be happy to serve you!
When do I need a building permit?
A permit is needed anytime "code regulated" changes are made to a building, a sign is installed, or a building is demolished.
Do I need a plumbing, electrical, or heating permit?
Any time changes or improvements are being made, a permit is required.
What are the building setbacks for lots in York?
Setbacks are defined by the zoning district.
How do I get registered as a building or trade contractor?
All contractors must make application for registration, pay a registration fee, and provide proof of insurance.
How do I know if the contractor is registered with the City?
It is to your advantage to check this out since registered contractors will be insured and are required to follow York City Codes.
How do I report a street light out?
Call NPPD service department (toll free) 877-275-6773.
How do I report a traffic light malfunctioning, or a traffic sign down?
Call the Public Works Department at 402-363-2600;
How do I report dangerous street or sidewalk conditions?
Call the Public Works Department at 402-363-2600;
What is the "public right-of-way"?
This is the area of the City that has been platted for public use.
Who takes care of the trees in the public right-of-way?
The City has never planted trees in the public right-of-way.
When will the street sweeper come by my house?
The street sweeper has the town divided into several sweeping zones that are covered on a regular schedule.
When will the snowplow come by my house?
In a snow/ice event the procedure is to first open the main arterials to allow access to emergency vehicles.
What is backflow?
The water distribution system is designed to keep the water flowing from the source to the customer.
What is backflow/backsiphonage?
When there is a sudden reduction in water pressure in the distribution system, such as during fire fighting, water main break, or a car hits a fire hydrant--water flow can be reversed.
Is this backflow survey required?
Yes, once every five years each connection to the public water supply shall be evaulated (surveyed) to determine if any potential backflow hazards exist.
What is a cross connection?
A permanent or temporary piping arrangement which can allow your drinking water to be contaminated should a backflow condition occur.
What do I do if my survey determines a cross connection?
There are several ways to correct a cross connection: air gap, reduced pressure zone device (rpz), pressure vacuum breaker (pvb), double check valve.
What is backflow testing?
Some backflow protection devices require testing periodically to make sure they are working. High hazard situations protected by an rpz require annual testing.
Who does the testing?
A State and City certified Grade VI Operator is qualified to do the backflow testing when needed.
Why do I have to be concerned about backflow protection?
All water systems are mandated by state and federal laws to have a backflow protection program. York has met this requirement by Ordinance.
Where can I get more information about backflow?
The City of York is eager to take the mystery out of backflow and help in any way possible. Call 402-363-2600.
Results 1-31 of 31