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The City of York Water Division provides water service within the corporate limits.
  • There are in excess of 3,300 services connection to the water distribution system.
  • The system is supplied by 16 wells averaging 300 feet in depth.
  • The combined pumping capacity of the system is 6,100 gallons per minute, and storage capacity is 1,975,000 gallons.
  • The average daily demand on the system is 1,748,000 gallons, and the historic peak daily demand in 6,470,000 gallons.
  • The system has a maximum capacity of 9,964,800 gallons per day.
  • The static pressure of the water system is 40-80 pounds and residual pressure is 35-70 pounds.
  • Water services is financed by user fees based on a customer service charge and consumption based on volume of water used.
Groundwater is available for industrial uses. The color of the water is clear with hardness in parts per million is 220. The average tap water temperature is 51 degrees F. in the summer.


Water/Wastewater fees are based on usage. Customers are charged bi-monthly for the cubic feet of water used at the following rate (effective December 9, 2010). Click here to view the fees.