Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is an Advisory Board to the Council. The Planning Commission makes and adopts and recommends to the Council, plans and maps for the physical development of the whole or any part of the City including any areas within two miles outside its boundaries.

The Planning Commission recommends to the City Council programs for public structures and improvements.

The Planning Commission recommends to the Council on the widening, narrowing, relocation, vacation or change in the use of any street, alley or other public way or ground or the sale of any public building or real property as well as the platting and zoning of properties within the City's jurisdiction.

Meeting Time: The Planning Commission meets the first Tuesday following the first Thursday of the month, if there is an agenda item. The Board meets at 5:00 p.m.

Commission Members: Nine members appointed for three-year terms.


  • Lisa Riley
  • John Sehi
  • Rod DeBuhr
  • Cindi Nickel
  • Barb Skaden
  • Kim Stephens
  • Craig Heskett
  • Ben Northrop
  • Joe Oberle